Wishing on a Year



I have a lot of wishes for this year. I’m not sure if it’s entirely fair to make wishes just because it’s January 1st. Wishes are truly a year round kind of thing. But there is something to be said about that clean slate, fresh start feeling. It feels exciting and new.

It also doesn’t hurt that January 1st around these parts here in Halifax is ushering 2014 in with a cold crisp sunny day.

Tara and I are a local coffee shop sitting across the table from one another and choosing to spend an hour or two of the first day of 2014 writing down some of our thoughts and some of our wishes.

We got away from that a bit in 2013. Away from our blogging, away from ourselves, and in some ways farther away from each other. I’m looking forward to coming closer again.

  • Closer to blogging – how we first met, how we both process, a tool to express and communicate.
  • Closer to ourselves – to our wishes and hopes and motivations again.
  • Closer to each other – learning new ways to share and finding new adventures, taking on new challenges together.

We woke up this morning next to one another and excited to welcome this New Year. Tara said 10 minutes after waking up, “it’s been a great year so far”. I said a little later this morning to her when she said it again after breakfast – “lets keep saying that all year long this year, okay?” That’s my wish. For 2014 to be a great year.

via etsy shop - whiskerprints

via etsy shop – whiskerprints

Wishes need action

Here’s the thing about wishes. I know you can wish on a star, on the moon, on the chair at the kitchen table. But without actually taking action your wish will stay aloft and wait for you. So that’s what next for me. Crafting the action plan.

It’s not about resolutions and it’s not about guarantees. More about pushing myself farther, reaching outside my usual comfort zone.

I’m working on a 10 ways list ┬ásimilar to what Roni has come up with for 2014. And maybe a few new things to try mixed in like Dacia’s plan each week.

For now I’m starting with today. Spending some time with the one I love, writing out some thoughts about the year ahead and looking forward to a delicious meal with some New Year’s Day black eyed peas for luck.



2 comments on “Wishing on a Year

  1. Tara January 1, 2014 2:59 pm

    On the very last night of 2014 as we crawl in bed and wonder about what 2015 has in store for us, I would like to grab your hand and thank you for an amazing year.

    Let’s make that happen starting with today (and everyday).


  2. Heather@YSP January 2, 2014 11:20 am

    I love this, and both you & Tara. Can’t wait to see how awesome this year is for you both.

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